Monday, June 21, 2010

Leg of Lamb, Fried Potatoes and Grilled Squash : remodel dinner #14

Father's Day was yesterday. My sweetie really likes lamb, but doesn't have it at home very often because I am not a big fan. For father's day he decided to make himself some leg of lamb. So I let him! ; ) He seared the lamb first in a cast iron skillet in the grill, then finished it off in the grill. Before cooking, he coated the lamb with 'The Paste', which is basically garlic, salt, thyme and olive oil. The potatoes were par cooked in the microwave, and finished up in a cast iron skillet. The squash was simply grilled, and very delicious! He had fun making and eating the meal, and I had fun hanging out with him while he did. (I did eat, too, of course, just not very much lamb.)

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