Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chili Verde : remodel dinner #2

Chili Verde : simplified and in the electric skillet

Since I had purchased tortillas for the quesadillas, I wanted to prepare something to use them up. Thus this simplified chili verde. It turned out surprisingly good, albeit a bit too salty. And it's about as simple as it gets

I cut one pork tenderloin into cubes (maybe 1/2 inch), sprinkled it with garlic and onion powders and salt, then browned it in the electric skillet. Once it was browned, I poured in a jar of salsa verde and a little bit (1/2 cup maybe) of chicken broth. Then I "simmered" it for what ended up being about 90 minutes, but it was probably ready to go after 45. I put the "simmered" in quotes because I discovered the electric skillet stays on for about 15 seconds, then goes off for about 45 seconds. So it's not the most even of heats, but I just turned it as low as it would go and all was yummy!

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